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Are You Ready to Video Like A Rockstar?

Join my Online Mastermind Training Program for women in business,
and within three weeks you’ll break through your fear and feelings of overwhelm around LIVE and RECORDED VIDEO.

You KNOW you NEED to be on video for your business.

You’ve read the statistics:

  • Video marketing will make up 80% of total internet traffic by 2020. (Cisco)
  • Over half a billion people are watching video on Facebook every day. (Forbes)

You don’t want your business to be left behind. But you’re afraid.

Maybe you’ve never been on camera before. 📷
Or you hate the way you look, and you feel self-conscious. 🙋‍
And what about all the video tech and accessories? It seems totally overwhelming! 📽️

How do you overcome all these obstacles?

Don’t worry.

I created my Video Like A Rockstar mastermind training course with these specific concerns in mind.

My three-week online program is a safe place where you can learn, practice and grow on video, with the support of me and other like-minded women in business.

Video Like A Rockstar gives you access to: 

  • A course website with detailed training videos.
  • A private Facebook group.
  • 4 video group discussion sessions with me.
  • Exclusive video interviews (that’s right: nowhere else on the internet) with me and other leading social media marketing experts who rock video:

Kim Garst
Social Media Consultant, Author,
Speaker, Live Streaming Expert

Sue B. Zimmerman
Leading Instagram Educator,
host of The Social Sip

Justin Brown
YouTube Marketing Expert

Ian Anderson Gray
Founder of Confident Live Marketing Academy

Bonnie Frank
Marketing Coach, Daily Livestreamer

You’ll learn and grow at a pace you couldn’t have imagined before because …

In Video Like A Rockstar, you receive:

Personal, step-by-step instructions from me on how to get started with livestream and recorded video. I’ll help you get over the fear of the unknown through coaching and practice. We’ll work through your camera shyness as I teach you the logistics and give you feedback and encouragement. But I’m just a small part of the program.

You’ll also get:

  • Daily moral support and feedback from the other women in our small, private Facebook group.
  • Daily and weekly on-camera practice through video challenges, including: 
    • Recording and livestreaming video of yourself.
    • Interviewing and being interviewed by others on video.
    • Using third-party apps to broadcast within Facebook.  
  • Peer-to-peer support from your own video accountability partner as you livestream or record videos together.
  • Technical training in the form of short "how-to" videos that walk you through how to effectively use video and live streaming video in your social media and online marketing.

    I’ll also share shortcuts that will save you time and money when it comes to the tech.

    You are not required to buy any equipment for this course. I’ll show you how to use video with just your phone and the internet. (If you’re interested, there’ll be recommendations for additional equipment, like inexpensive tripods. But these are just suggestions, and you won’t need to buy anything to get the full benefits from the course.)

We pack a lot into this fun three-week program, so come prepared to CRUSH IT! 

The women in my pilot program did!

Here’s what they have to say:

"Madalyn Sklar's Video Like a Rockstar program is magic. I witnessed not only myself, but my fellow group members blossom into seasoned live broadcasters, bursting with confidence.”
– Cathy Wassell, Socially Contented

"The Video Like a Rockstar course has been so invaluable to my video journey. My confidence has gone up 1,000%. I can now easily jump on LIVE video.”
– Nicole Osborne, owner, Lollipop Social

“After completing the program, I am more confident being on camera and more knowledgeable technically. Not only that, but I connected with such an inspiring, encouraging group of members who I also watched grow leaps and bounds in this program.”
– Linda Garnett, Indie Music Women

“WOW – recording video has become more enjoyable rather than something I avoid! This is not something I EVER thought I would say. But it’s true, and moving past my challenges with video has been a huge relief for me. Plus, my community responds so much more to video, which will help set me apart in my field.”
– Meghan Monaghan, Smart Bird Social

Click here for more testimonials

So, who is this program for?

  • It’s for go-getters who are ready to move the needle forward.
  • It's for women who want to step up their game using video and live streaming video.
  • It’s for those who are camera shy and just need a little nudging along.
  • It’s for those who don’t understand the tech side of using video. 

Is that you? Want to learn more?

The next Video Like A Rockstar course starts April 9.

Sign up now to secure your spot! Space is limited.

My Promise To You

Upon completion of the Video Like A Rockstar course, you'll:

  • Be confident and ready to produce and share your own videos and live streaming videos.
  • Have forever access to the private Facebook group and all training materials in the program.

Money-Back Guarantee

Because this is a quick, three-week program, there will be no refunds once it begins. However, remember that you’ll have ongoing access to the course library of how-to training videos, as well as access to the Facebook group to continue to meet and practice using video with your fellow rockstars.

Madalyn Sklar
Madalyn Sklar

Madalyn Sklar is a serial entrepreneur, community builder, speaker and leading Twitter marketing expert. She’s ranked the #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston. Each week she hosts the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat that brings together hundreds of people in an active one hour discussion revolving around Twitter marketing. Since launching three years ago, it has reached over 6 billion impressions. She also hosts the weekly #SocialROI chat that’s presented by ManageFlitter. Madalyn interviews leading social media and marketing experts for her TwitterSmarter podcast and co-hosts the weekly Communities That Convert podcast with Kami Huyse. Huffington Post has named Madalyn one of 50 Women Entrepreneurs to follow.

Questions? Email me or send a tweet @MadalynSklar.

Program Information

Welcome to Video Like A Rockstar!
Welcome! Read This First
Fill Out This Questionnaire!
Mastermind Your Way To Success
How to Use This Site
Comments & Questions Are Welcomed!
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Day 1 Challenge
Practice Making Videos of Yourself
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Day 2 Challenge
Make a Video and Share It With the Group
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Day 3 Challenge
Pick An Accountability Partner
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Day 4 Challenge
Make A Video Every Day
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Day 5 Challenge
Let's Work on Confidence Boosting
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Day 6 Challenge
Getting Inspired
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Day 7 Challenge
Check Out The Resources
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Day 8 Challenge
It’s Not About Looks, It’s About Content
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Day 9 Challenge
Check Out #VideoReplyDay
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Day 10 Challenge
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Day 11 Challenge
Video Goals
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Day 12 Challenge
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Day 13-14 Challenge
Practice Making Videos, Watch "How To" Videos and Interviews
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Day 15 Challenge
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Day 16 Challenge
Facebook Live
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Day 17 Challenge
Instagram Stories & Instagram Live
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Day 18 - Catch Up Day
Catch Up Day
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Day 19 Challenge
Twitter Videos & Twitter Live
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Day 20 Challenge
Apps & Editing
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Day 21 Challenge
Interview Your Accountability Partner
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Day 22 Extra Credit
Interview Your Instructor, Madalyn Sklar
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Congrats! You Did It!
Congrats on Completing This Program!
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Weekly Mastermind Sessions
Mastermind Group Sessions
Session 1: Meet & Greet
Session 2: Let's Talk About Our First Week
Session 3: Two Weeks In, What Do You Think?
Session 4: What Did You Get Out of This Program?
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Private Facebook Group
Access the Facebook Group
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How To Videos
What Would You Like to Know/Learn?
Facebook Live in Portrait Mode on iPhone
Facebook Live in Landscape Mode on iPhone
How To Use (shorter version)
How To Use (long version)
How To Adjust Your Video So Everything Is Not Backwards
How to Make Changes to Facebook Live Videos
How To Do #VideoReplyDay on Twitter
How To Download Your Facebook Videos
Glasses & Lighting in Your Videos
LoveHandle - gear for your phone
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Video Interviews
READ FIRST: Watch Expert Interviews
Amy (Schmittauer) Landino Shares Advice on Getting Comfortable on Camera, Promoting Your Videos, and Mistakes To Avoid
Kim Garst Gives Us a Candid Look Into Using Live Streaming Video in Your Business
Video Tips from Kim Garst
How Periscope Changed Bonnie Frank's Business
Ian Anderson Gray Shares Tips on Getting Started with Video, Hosting a Live Show, and Building Confidence
Kelly Noble Mirabella Shares Tips on Overcoming Fear and Hosting a Successful Facebook Live show
Tony Christensen Shares His Experience Making Daily Videos
Tips on Running a Weekly Facebook Live Show with Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang
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Helpful Articles, Info & Resources
Examples of My Facebook Livestream Videos
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Gear For Your Phone and Desktop
Gear For Your Phone
Gear For Your Desktop
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Helpful Tips
Putting Your Phone Into "Airplane Mode"
Helpful Accessory: The LoveHandle
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Contact Madalyn
How to get in touch
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Leave A Rating and Review
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