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The Secret Sauce to Boosting Your Twitter Presence

As a Twitter Marketing Expert, I spend time every day sharing and engaging with my community on Twitter. It’s my top social site for connecting with people – entrepreneurs, small business owners, big brands, and everything in between. I have discovered a variety of tactics and strategies that work. I call it my #TwitterSmarter “Secret Sauce.” These methods have helped me organically grow my Twitter to 74K followers and interactions with thousands of people every week!

I want to share with you how I make my "secret sauce" work for me.

It's ideal for beginners and intermediate Twitter users who want to kick it up a few notches.

When you sign up for this mini-class, you'll get access to articles and videos teaching you the following:

  • How to boost your Twitter presence.
  • How scheduling articles and information using Hootsuite, Buffer and Social Jukebox will save you a ton of time.
  • How your notifications tab is a goldmine of of people wanting to connect and build relationships with you.
  • How to stay organized using Twitter lists.
  • Why Twitter chats are the best way to expand your network and connect with like-minded people.
  • How video will make you stand out.
You'll learn all this and more when you sign up for this special free training.

Madalyn Sklar
Madalyn Sklar

Madalyn Sklar is a serial entrepreneur, community builder and leading Twitter marketing expert. With 24 years digital marketing experience and 15 years social media marketing under her belt, it’s no surprise she’s ranked the #1 Social Media Power Influencer in Houston. Each week Madalyn hosts the #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat that brings together hundreds of people in an active one hour discussion revolving around Twitter marketing. Since launching four years ago, it has reached over 10 billion impressions. Madalyn also interviews leading social media and marketing experts for her TwitterSmarter podcast and co-hosts the weekly Communities That Convert podcast with Kami Huyse. Huffington Post has named Madalyn one of 50 Women Entrepreneurs to follow.

Questions? Email me or send a tweet @MadalynSklar.

Course Curriculum

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1. Consistency Matters
Be Consistent
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2. Daily Tweets
Tweet every day – minimum 5x/day
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3. Your Notifications
Go Through Notifications Daily and Respond
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4. Twitter Lists
Use Twitter Lists
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5. Twitter Chats
Participate in Twitter Chats
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6. Engagement
Engage. Engage. Engage.
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The Formula for Twitter Success
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Contact Madalyn
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Reviews (30)


by Christos David
I greatly appreciate this hints for success on twitter, I don't actually us tweet but with this lecture, I guess I'm good to go and get the desired result for my service.

Valuable course

by Monirul Hasan Sarker
This course is very valuable information share.

Enjoyed this experience!

by Tynessa Franks
Thank you so much for sharing this thorough collection of knowledge. I learned a lot and feel very motivated to put the tips into action.
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by Christos David
I greatly appreciate this hints for success on twitter, I don't actually us tweet but with this lecture, I guess I'm good to go and get the desired result for my service.

Valuable course

by Monirul Hasan Sarker
This course is very valuable information share.

Enjoyed this experience!

by Tynessa Franks
Thank you so much for sharing this thorough collection of knowledge. I learned a lot and feel very motivated to put the tips into action.

by maria tamara

Course Comment

by scott horner
This was very helpful, I very much appreciate you taking time, to help us all out. Thanks.

Virtually Everyone on Twitter Needs this Course

by Dr. Alexandria Szeman
Broken down into the most basic steps of how to be social on Twitter, Madalyn Sklar’s The Secret Sauce To Boosting your Twitter Presence, which is completely free, clearly explains how to become more engaged on Twitter. The course is divided into brief 1/2-1page reading exercises, some of which become assignments, each followed by a short video. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get any of the videos to play, but I blame my wifi for that, not this course. An excellent course for everyone wondering how to enjoy themselves more on Twitter while building their own audience and improving their business presence. Thank you, Madalyn.

Informative and Easy to Understand

by Ann Thayer
Madalyn Just wanted to say thanks for taking time to give these tips and I look forward to trying them out and letting you know how I do! Great info!

What you need for Twitter

by Ron Oltmanns
I've had a twitter account for years and I've been a sporadic tweeter, but Madalyn shows you how to make the most of this platform. Very practical and actionable mini-course. @ronoltmanns


by Avast Zumac
This is by far one of the best short courses on the internet that has provided value to me.

Actional Tips

by Shani Moushon
I have been researching how to use Twitter for a while now and this is the first class that has given some really good steps to take. Plus, easy to follow ways of doing them. Finally, inviting and willingness to connect after the course is over.

by Jennifer Ostrander

Must watch for the beginner

by Mohammed Omor Faruk Bhuiyan
It's really really helpful for the beginner. Details described with example. I loved it.

Great for Beginners

by Derek Hauk
If I was just starting out, I would have found more of this useful. As the manager of a brand account that is currently experiencing limited interaction from followers, it didn't quite have what I was needing, but I love Madalyn's insights even on the simple things!

Confidence Booster

by Leah Lynch
This course is short and to the point. If you felt unsure of what to do on Twitter this course will give you the confidence you need. Even if you naturally use another social platform for your business you will be able to feel at home on Twitter.

Inspiring and empowering

by Gio Lester
Thank you, Madalyn. I don't feel so lost and less of a pioneer. Now I am an explorer! Giovanna Lester, CT @cariobana - Language Consulting

LOVE your Twitter strategies Madalyn!! THANKS SO MUCH for this class!

I really appreciate this Twitter class! I can use all the help I can get! I met Madalyn through my MasterMind group with Lewis Howes (#ICWLH) and she gave me this FREE Class! IT IS SO VALUABLE!! I am just starting to make money with the first company in my Enterprise--@youreworthitwearitapparel & I'm SO EXCITED to get even BETTER strategies for Twitter that WORK! Thanks so much, Madalyn! #YouAreWorthIt love, Liberty V Justice--CEO--I'm Worth It Inc. Facebook: YouTube: IG: @IM.WORTH.IT.YOUTUBE @youreworthitwearitapparel Twitter:

Great training!

by Cindy Starkey
I LOVED this training. Madalyn does a great job of covering key points in a way anyone can understand.

by Alannah Marie

You need the secret sauce!

by James Fuhs
Madalyn lays out a fantastic short course that will let you get your Twitter going in the right direction. The power of lists, videos, engagement, and scheduling are just some of the nuggets that she lays out in this course. Madalyn is responsible for me making Twitter my favorite social media platform.

Amazing Lessons

by Kingsley Obiefule
This was really helpful.

by Michelle Lowery

Great Tips!

by Luciana Abreu
The tips given by Madalyn serve Twitter users from zero-experience to even people that are present on this platform for quite a long time.

Moving forward .....

by Meredith Johnson
How exciting is it to learn more about using Twitter after walking the hallways of "Chatland" for six years and social media since the days of AOL and Town Square? I am like a little kid in a candy store today after viewing Madalyn's videos and picking up great ideas that will add to my effectiveness in reaching out to other educators on Twitter. Her videos were so easy to follow, quick to implement and with her motivational approach of "just do it," how could I possibly just sit in my chair and not send out a brief video response to a Tweet I received? Matching the video with a follow-up, brief, narrative, instructional section shows that Madalyn understands what it is to be a lead learner. Absolutely top-notch!

Excellent Class

by Carol Buchanan
I've used Twitter much more effectively since I took this class. All I need to do now is be more disciplined and consistent about following through. I'm still working on that, but I'm getting there.

Secret Sauce to Boosting Your Twitter Presence

by Dorrie Cooper
1. I 'm an educator and wow what an effective course weaved with text, just the right amount to focus and remember. 2. Great visual quality with a nice pacing so that you feel enthused and not confused. 3. The voice and sound quality again allow you to pace the course without checking the clock or worse checking your phone 4. The video's along with the high informational quality offered to make this an easy learning experience. 5. While I have been doing the Twitter Chats for well over a year, I still learned and listened to the podcast which was great.

The perfect course for beginners or those looking to get back on track!

by Todd Lohenry
I just completed the course and it was good, fast and cheap! It is chocked full of valuable information for upping your Twitter game. Do it! It's painless and it doesn't last long but delivers great value...

Great Webcast !

by Bob Romano
Madalyn's free online course on how to use Twitter was great ! Very informative and in great detail. She steps you through the process and gives you great tips! I will be using her tips to increase my presence in Twitter fro my business . Thank you again

Secret Sauce Course Gives Business Owners Top Twitter Tips

by Darcy De Leon
The Secret Sauce to Boosting Your Twitter Presence course is a quick, concise text/video series that solidified what I’ve already known about using Twitter and taught me new skills, including how to tweet a video response. In this course, Madalyn Sklar provides solid instructions on how to manage and use Twitter daily to engage with people to build your brand. She gets right into the meat of the course and provides actionable tips that anyone can use right away. The course is short and self-paced, giving people a stress-free way to learn how to use Twitter to its full potential.

Deliciously Helpful Twitter Sauce

by mark longbottom
Thanks for the invite to enrol on this free course, which has wonderful content, effective content, easy to navigate and implement instructions. You are definitely the go to person for Twitter help, advice and the best most sociable tweet Chats too.

Great information!

by Brandi Untz
An incredible amount of knowledge in this course. Madalyn is engaging and gives excellent information in a easy to understand way.